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What is homeopathy and confusion among homeopath

Portion One:  ones Potency food list (how strong?), your own   largest confusion among homeopaths
When  The item  comes  to  potency  menu   of the  remedy,  your current  homeopathic society never agreed much  within this  issue, not  on the  past  AS WELL AS   surely  not now! There always has become   a great   division between couples of camps:  your high AS WELL AS low potency prescribes. Both parties indeed  will certainly  
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The Law of Similar and Dissimilar example

 The Law of Similar and Dissimilar example
Let’s offer   the   effortless acute example regarding   the actual   initial  Law  regarding  Similar. Assume anyone   get travelers’ diarrhea touring beautiful Mexico  (usually  This is  not advertised  on the  brochures).  my spouse and i  actually had  That   in  India:  i  had greenish diarrhea, every  several  minutes,  throughout  bloating  of any   entire  abdomen,  after  eating contaminated food,  and in addition  nausea. 
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A warning against homeopathy may no bet proved true in the long .

A warning against homeopathy  may no bet proved true in the long because homeopathy is a healing art not science and this is described in Organon of medicine by Hahnemann.It is as like as soul and soul is not science .A scientist can not make done its (soul) visibility
Here is a warning about homeopathy stated through the link below:
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Homeopathy medicine... medicine

Nux-form is one of a common homeopathic medicine. I think that it is the most frequently used homeopathy medicines. It is said that “if you do not know what is to give----give Nux-vom and this is the reality.To make you safe from any kind of acute disease nux-vom can be a helpful medicine.
But you should not forget the applied symptoms of Nux-vom.
Homeopathy Sepia is chronic of Nux-vom. When bad reactions are created by Homeopathy medicine and going the patients bad to worse. At this stage sepia applicable and it makes easier the worst symptoms of the patients and comes furrowed to cure.We know that sepia is chronic of nux-vom.

Homeopathy organon of Medicine

It needs to post the first edition of Organon of medicine because people will know what is homeopathy.

ACCORDING to the testimony of all ages, no occupation is more unanimously declared to be a conjectural art than medicine; consequently none has less right to refuse a searching enquiry as to whether it is well founded than it, on which man's health, his most precious possession on earth, depends.
I consider that it redounds to my honour that I am the only one in recent times who has subjected it to a serious honest investigation, and has communicated to the world the results of his convictions in writings published, some with, some without my name.
In this investigation I found the way to the truth, but I had to tread it alone, very far from the common highway of medical routine. The farther I advanced from truth to truth, the more my conclusions (none of which I accepted unless confirmed by experience) led me away from the old edifice, which, being built up of opinions, was only maintained by opinions.
The results of my convictions are set forth in this book.
It remains to be seen whether physicians, who mean to act honestly by their conscience and by their fellow-creatures, will continue to stick to the pernicious tissue of conjectures and caprice, or can open their eyes to the salutary truth.
I must warn the reader that indolence, love of ease and obstinacy preclude effertive service at the altar of truth, and only freedom from prejudice and untiring zeal qualify for the most sacred of all human occupations, the practice of the true system of medicine. The physician who enters on his work in this spirit becomes directly assimilated to the Divine Creator of the world, whose human creatures he helps to preserve, and whose approval renders him thrice blessed.