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Homeopathy organon

Introducing organon with it"s first edition

It needs to post the first edition of organon of medicine

ACCORDING to the testimony of all ages, no occupation is more unanimously declared to be a conjectural art than medicine; consequently none has less right to refuse a searching enquiry as to whether it is well founded than it, on which man's health, his most precious possession on earth, depends.
I consider that it redounds to my honour that I am the only one in recent times who has subjected it to a serious honest investigation, and has communicated to the world the results of his convictions in writings published, some with, some without my name.
In this investigation I found the way to the truth, but I had to tread it alone, very far from the common highway of medical routine. The farther I advanced from truth to truth, the more my conclusions (none of which I accepted unless confirmed by experience) led me away from the old edifice, which, being built up of opinions, was only maintained by opinions.
The results of my convictions are set forth in this book.
It remains to be seen whether physicians, who mean to act honestly by their conscience and by their fellow-creatures, will continue to stick to the pernicious tissue of conjectures and caprice, or can open their eyes to the salutary truth.
I must warn the reader that indolence, love of ease and obstinacy preclude effertive service at the altar of truth, and only freedom from prejudice and untiring zeal qualify for the most sacred of all human occupations, the practice of the true system of medicine. The physician who enters on his work in this spirit becomes directly assimilated to the Divine Creator of the world, whose human creatures he helps to preserve, and whose approval renders him thrice blessed.

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allied medicine(alternative)

allied medicine

Here is a list below

=A list (of intestine bacteria) bowel nosodes apply with their allied medicine is given here. These allied maidens are used frequently with a bowel nosodes. After Appling a bowel nosodes we have to apply its allied medicine frequently in different potencies.

Morgan pure: main allied -sulphur
another-Alumina Baryta carb, Graphaties, Calcarea carb, Medorrhinum, Cal-sulph, Kali-carb, Carbo-veg, Mag-carb, Carbo-sulph, Nat-carb, Digitelies, Petroleum, Ferrum-carb, Sepia, Psorinum, Tuber-bovi.

Morgan Gaertner: main allied - lycopodium
and other Chellidom, Marc-sulph, Chenopodium, Sanguneria, Heliboras, Terraxcum, Heper-sulph, Lacasis.

Proteus: main allied Net-mur
other acid-meur, Calc-mur, Amon-mur, Ferrum-mur, Arum-mur, Ignesia, Apis-mel, Kali-mur, Baryta-mur, Mag-mur, Borax, Secale-cor, Conium, Cupram-met.

Mutabile: main allied - Pulsatila
Ferrum phos, Kali-sulph

Bacilles no.7 : main allied - Iodium Cali-carb
and other- Ars-iod, Kali-brom, Bromium, Kali-iod,Cal-iod,Kali-nit,Ferrem-iod,Marc-iod,Kali-bich,Nat-iod.

Gaertner (bach) main allied-Marc-viv, Phosphorus, Silicea
and other Cal-flour,Natrum,Cal-hipophos,Phytolocca,Cal-phos,Pulsatila,Cal-silica,Zinc-phos,Kali-phos,Syphillinum,Natrum-phos. (bach) main allied -Ars-alb.
And other-Anacardium-ori,Calmia,Arg-nit,Virat-alb,Cadme-met,Verat-ver.

Sycotic co (paterson). main allied - Thuja-oc,
and other -Acidnit,Nat-sulph,Antim-tart,Rhus-tox,Calc-met,Bacillinum,Ferrum-met.
Faecalis(bach)main allied –Sepia.

Source British homeopath journal July 1950 (Alien key notes )

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Nobel Prize winner reports effects of homeopathic dilutions

Nobel Prize winner reports effects of homeopathic dilutions
This article is very important as the study demonstrates that some bacterial DNA sequences are able to induce electromagnetic waves at high aqueous dilution.The researchers found that pathogenic bacteria and viruses show a distinct electromagnetic signature at dilutions .Professor Luc Montagnier, a French virologist who co-discovered HIV and who won the Nobel Prize in 2008,
You will find the article to the link below.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Organon Sixth edition

Homeopathy was first developed by Samuel Hahnemann, a German doctor and chemist, over 200 years ago. Although Hippocrates, the ‘Father of Medicine’ stated that there were two laws of healing – the Law of Similars (homeopathy) and the Law of Opposites (orthodox medicine). But Homeopathy was first developed by Samuel Hahnemann.

Vital force, disease force, remedy force, here force = energy. These are also the similarity. Hahnemann explains it details in his organon (1 to 10 principles).In homeopathic theory in Organon written by Samuel Hahnemann, every person and living creature is said to have a “vital force”, which promotes healing and maintains good health
Organon is translated in many languages all over the world. Homeopathy is  also practised in countries all over the world and is especially popular in France, South America, India and Bangladesh . Horimohon chaudhury a Bengali writer translate its 6th edition in bangli language which helps me writing theis article.

We know that Organon was published first in 1810.This is the first edition. From 1810 to 1842 organon was published up to  5th edition and Hahnemann had published up to 5th edition in his life. Publication needs to change. He made complete it for the 6th edition (hand writing.) which was published in is a long intervals between 5th and 5th edition.
In 6th edition Hahnemann changed totally the ponetized system and”callede it  new altered but perfect method” He noticed the disadvantage of high competencies homeopathy medicine because the high potency remedies are dangerous sometimes and    this made him prepared for the organon 6th edition.  
Jams Tyler Kent an American famous doctor alarms us for the high potency. We find his alarming notice in his metoria medica heper sulph chapter. (Kent’s metoria medica heper sulph) Although homeopathy is a gentle, holistic system of healing, suitable for everyone but high potency is dangerous. You have to follow the link to know more  more 

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Bowel nosodes

by prokash sarkar
All homeopath are introduced with  nosodes .  In 1989 Dr. John Paterson gave a speech in France about nosodes.  His speech has given us the idea of applying the nosodes.
Bowel nosodes are   - Morgan pure, Morgan Gartner, Protoeus, Mutabile, Bacillus no. "7" , Gaertner, , Sycotic  co  and  Fecealis (these are bacterial noseds)

This nine medicine are called “Bowel nosodes”American Dr .Whylar praised these medicine introducing their positive activities in chronic diseases , he also said that not to worry if the state of cure is not appear  applying  the common medicine rather applying this nosodes we will successfully cure the patients. Dr. Paterson divide the patients in to two parts.(1)the new patient and  the old patients.(not chronic and acute according to hahnemann)
New patient -   the patients who are not treated by high potency homeopathy medicine within 30 days. These kinds of patients don’t take any high potency homeopathy medicine in the last 30 days.

Old patient -   The patients who are treated with high potency homeopathy medicine but not cure or partly cure. This kind of patients had taken high potency medicine but not cure quietly.
 During the treatment of a new patient at first we have to select a proved homeopathy medicine from our metoria medica without thinking about bowel nosodes. Applying the proved medicine from metoria medica if we don’t get results then we have to select a bowel nosodes with an assistance homeopathy medicine. A bowel nosode should be applied  with an assistance homeopathy medicine.
 For example if we select calcarea-crab then we have to select. the  bowel nosode Morgan pure which is  an assistance of cal-crab. A list of  allied medicine are given to the following link

alied medicine

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Perfect methods

Altered perfect method. 
by prokash sarkar
It is remembered all the time "Similia Similibus curemter” After applying a remedy according to this law of cure we can expect positive results .Some times it is difficult to cure a chronic diseases. Generally high potency medicine is used in such a case but don't get so good result that we expected at the time of applying. It is more dangerous to apply high potency frequently like 10m, cm, etc. Applying this potency we have to wait for a long time, not only that but also the period of cure is so longer that it is boring. To solve this problem Hahnemann introduced with the 50 thousand millisimal (new altered methods) system. So now it is the time to follow the 6th addition of organon. It is quietly true that homeopathy is a healing art. If we want to understand what is soul we will get answer through art not science. Science can analyze what is life not what is soul but without soul life is noting. Soul is as like as a software. So it needs to study arts. Hahnemann realizes this true and mentioned this in organon of medicine 1--10 principles. In 9-10 (vital principle) he said about autocracy. However at last Hahnemann applied medicine according to organon 6th edition. He also said that “all these difficulties are whole solved by my new altered but perfected method (246 principles). According to organon 5th edition potency are used 30, 200, 1000, 10m, cm, etc. and it teaks long time it cure, shows aggravation dangerous to some body make confusion. These are all solved buy the new altered perfect method.
In this point it is said that extensive knowledge makes man simple, make gentle. A little knowledge makes a fool of a man and can makes him think he knows it all. So we have to study a lot. We have to study metoria madica and follow the principle of organon. We have the proved medicine in our hand now and we will have to attend the power of study symptoms. And find remedies in the image of human sickness. We have to remember that alumina and opium are antidotes to each other.     

World Homeopathy Awareness Week  April 10-16,
   It always begins on April 10, Hahnemann's birthday. This year's annual international campaign to promote homeopathy around the globe
visite site     World Homeopathy Awareness Week   

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potency selection

The potency selection  is  also essential.

The potency selection  is  also essential. so it is a question about the power of diseases and  this is quietly depend on a observation. generally acute diseases need lower potency and chronic diseases need higher potency . 6,   30,   200 are called lower potency and this potency  is used for  the treatment of an acute disease On the other hand  1m,10m are used on  chronic diseases .Now here are two schools using this potency 50millisimal system are introduced according to 6th edition of organon . 10m,  Cm,  MM  potency is dangerous and it is more dangerous to apply it frequently . there is no alternative but to follow the patients applying this higher  potency. perhaps one or two dose are OK . the new schools (50 millisimal ) new altered but perfect potency is more affective as  I  think,  in the system we can apply a  medicine daily even a deep active medicine like sulfur  and others  and  m/2,m/3,m/4,m/5,m/6, seems  as lower potency to me. , but if we noticed their preparation we will find a great difference between them. continue

Saturday, April 30, 2011

similarity maintain

Similarity maintaining is one of the most important issues applying medicine to patients.  We know, when a patient been attacked with diseases symptoms shows on him/her. As example when a patients says “I fell cold, and I need  worm cloths, at the same time he/she wish to take cold water ,cold air on his/her head only. Felling coldness, warm cloths wish to take cold water and air on head are the symptoms. At the treatment of patients it is essential to apply such remedy which made these symptoms when it was proving in the past. Here it need to say that all proved medicine have been taken place to homeopathy metoria medica. I mention here abut Kent’s metoria medica.   “Kent’s lectures of homeopathy philosophy ” Dr Boerick's metoria medica  Dr Nil money Ghottok's a bengali Indian writer .
similarity maintain in bangla

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

homeopathy and symptomps

Homeopathy is one of a good treatment methods ever known to us. Symptoms are the most important for the treatment of homeopathy. There are no so called reaction in this treatment because the dose of medicine is so light that could be measured. It mean the weight of medicine is too little to measure. In this treatment symptoms are main to apply medicine. If the symptoms are not study well it difficult to select homeopathy medicine.As the symptoms representative a diseases so at first a homeopathy doctor try to select such a medicine that have the ability creating the same disease symptoms. Here the great  words be remembered  "Similia Similibus Curenter". So the disease symptoms and the remedy symptoms will have to be same.

This points are important:
  • similarity maintains 
  • doses maintains 
  • potency maintains 
  • which ma ism  actives now ?     psoriasis. syphilis. psychosis
  • when it needs the second prescription
These points are described step by step but it is the most important to know that symptoms are main and homeopathy treat the patients not the disease.So at first to study patients is a  must for the homeopath doctor.  But it is not so easy to study the patients.The questions - why the patient says he/she can't eat properly.can't sleep well and so many other  questions that must be realized. some times it can't be discovered by different testings. At this case a homeopath perhaps realize as he/she knows how to study the symptoms. There is nothing to test but something to be  realized. 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Treat the patients not the disease

homeopathy metoria medica

Treat the patient not the disease

Treat the patient not the disease this is main slogan of treatment of homeopathy.Symptoms are main clue for the treatment of homeopathy.There is a philosophy behind this treatment methods  "similia similibus cuerenter"  a gar man language, this means the similarity between medicine symptoms and diseases symptoms. Actually homeopathy medicine can work where the same symptoms are present in diseases symptoms otherwise it this medicine does not work totally.Perhaps in some cases it works lightly not deeply.So similarity is a must to apply medicine in a disease.There is a lot of homeopathy medicine and it is not impossible to select a remedy. Of course it need much study about homeopathy medicine.When a homeopathy doctor enable to select proper medicine he can be succeed to a patient. Here proper medicine means the medicine that shows the smiler symptoms at the time when it has been  proving. Only proved medicine are allowed for treatment. This proving time all medicines  made  symptoms on healthy  human body. The symptoms which was appeared to human being was written in homeopathy metoria medica. (homeopathy symptoms book) So all homeopath doctor are to study this book  On the other hand  a he/she have to study The Org anon Of Medicine well written by the great philosopher , scientist  and artist  Dr Samuel Hahnemann . This book deals everything what is homeopathy and why  it needs treatment according to homeopathy  "a micro-doses system" . It also discovered  the three energy
  • vital energy which is invisible dynamic 
  • diseases as like energy
  • medicine energy
Here it is mentioned that these three are like as energy not substance
The first formula (law) treat the patients not the diseases. Patient means a human with all of his/her both mental & physical condition not only the physical condition , the mental situation is as responsible as physical condition.  
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